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Succeeding at the Intersection of Digital Innovation, Culture and Policy

We guide you through the complex and fascinating landscape and develop effective strategies for your venture.

Sustainable success and taking informed decisions in Mainland China demands a holistic understanding of government strategies, trends within markets and civil society as well as dialogues on social media.

Our Divisions

Digital Marketing and Development

We develop holistic strategies to target Chinese consumers in Mainland as well as Chinese tourists travelling abroad taking into account trends and policies.

Policy Analysis and Holistic Strategy Development

We analyze China‘s economic, social and technology policies, develop strategic positioning in an increasingly localized market and facilitate win-win partnerships within the governmental ecosystem.

Sinotan Art Venture

We facilitate meaningful connections between Europe and China in arts and culture through marketing, education, tourism, exhibitions and competitions.

We are experts in key markets



Art & Culture




We guide

multinational companies hidden champions local players governments

We envision a world with greater empathy between East and West


Sino is derived from Latin and Ancient Greek implying China (中国)


Tán (谈) is Chinese and implies having a conversation in order to understand

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