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A world with greater empathy between

East and West

We seek to facilitate meaningful connections between East and West, create understanding and transparency, provide direction and develop opportunities.


Sino is derived from Latin and Ancient Greek implying China (中国)


Tán (谈) is Chinese and implies having a conversation in order to understand

Core Values

Integrity & Humility

Integrity creates trust. It is the foundation of everything we do and the source of our organization and people’s growth. We are open-minded, value feedback and respect each other, our clients, partners and competitors.

Diverse & Curious

We cherish different cultures and mindsets and have respect for the history, tradition and identity of others. We strive to continuously learn, challenge our assumptions and learn new perspectives by seeing the world through the eyes of the other.

Dedicated & Mutual Benefit

We are committed to excellence, pushing through challenges and sharing perspective, helping our client’s organization learn, grow and succeed. We always contemplate about how our projects can provide a holistic benefit to our client’s organization making them stronger overall. We see collaborations and partnerships as a source of inspiration and look for things that bring us together rather than drift us apart.

Agile & Strategic

We embrace changes in the world as opportunities and constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent our organization and direction. We plan for the future and strive to identify and develop unique opportunities for our client’s ventures, creating lasting value.

We guide

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