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Digital Marketing & Development

We develop holistic strategies to target Chinese consumers in Mainland as well as Chinese tourists travelling abroad taking into account trends and policies.

The Chinese Digital Marketing Ecosystem is  complex, diverse and changing rapidly. Being successful here requires a different mindset and approach than people in the West are accustomed to. Chinese companies and consumers follow a nimble strategy, adapting their platform usage and composition continuously.

Let us guide you through the digital system, develop a strong foundation and ensure an agile omnichannel approach along the customer journey.

Our Expertise


  • Monitoring and Social Media Analysis
  • Comment and Q&A Analysis
  • Market Research and Opportunity Assessment

Strategy & Development

  • Holistic Social Media Strategy
  • Web Build and Platform Setup
  • Content Strategy and Development

Holistic Management

  • Community Management
  • Policy and Network Management
  • KOL/KOC campaigns and livestreams

Sinotan analyzed Chinese tourism trends for the German Tourist Board and their Magic Cities, studied concerns and needs of Chinese tourists for each, and ultimately refocused positioning for Germany, developing new effective travel routes, captivating stories as well as campaigns.

Sinotan successfully positioned a leading Central European watch and jewelry retailer as a destination of high trust and superb quality in the eyes of Chinese tourists applying a multiplatform approach, feedback and strong community management.

Sinotan developed the China digital strategy for the global leader in print finishing industry, aligning with key government concepts, identifying networks and communities to establish the company as a thought leader in China.

Sinotan achieved to position Armin Strom as one of the leading niche watch brands in China, utilizing a multiplatform strategy, building trust within the community and connecting with key networks.

Sinotan helped one of the leading luxury hotel companies understand their existing Asian tourists better, their wishes, concerns and needs and developed effective social media profiles and tools to serve them even better.

When there is trust, no proof is necessary.

Chinese Proverb

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