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Policy Analysis & Holistic Strategy Development

We analyze China‘s economic, social and technology policies, develop strategic positioning in an increasingly localized market and facilitate win-win partnerships within the governmental ecosystem.

China and wider Asia have a tradition of 5-year plans, guidelines and strategies to define their development focus for the coming years. Guidelines cover a multitude of topics such as the economy, sustainability, technology, health, culture and social development. Government officials are rated based on them. They are complex, deeply interconnected and provide a fascinating window into the country and society.

Let us provide you with a window into China’s strategic mindset, define relevant topics for your venture and develop the optimal approach to succeed.

Our Expertise


  • Policy and Trend Assessment
  • Government Organization and KPI

Strategy & Development

  • Vision and Strategy Development
  • Project Management Foundation and MoUs

Holistic Management

  • Win-Win Cooperation and Ecosystem Development – Private Sector
  • Win-Win Cooperation – Government and Industry Association

Our clients include multinational companies, hidden champions, SMEs, international organizations, local governments and ministries. All share a common goal in understanding Mainland China and its local market better, taking informed decisions and having clear strategic foresight.

Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood.

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