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Sinotan Art Ventures

We facilitate meaningful connections between Europe and China in arts and culture through marketing, education, tourism, exhibitions and competitions.

China aims to further open up it’s cultural sector and is determined to become a country with strong cultural influence by 2035. The government aims to develop it’s cultural and creative industries, double the number of museums and improve management and education. It wants to create opportunities for cultural exchanges and cooperation and strengthen its ability to communicate with international audiences.

Let us help you connect with Chinese art enthusiasts, strengthen your brand in China and build strong partnerships by understanding guidelines.

Our Expertise

Digital Art

  • Tourism Art Marketing
  • Art Exhibition Livestreaming
  • NFT Campaign Development

Art Education & Competitions

  • Online Art Education
  • Mentorship programs
  • Art competitions

Holistic Cultural Development

  • Holistic museum partnerships
  • Art exhibition development in China
  • Art and CSR Strategy China

Sinotan is running FUTURE ARTIST online art appreciation courses for Chinese students in collaboration with leading museums in Europe.

Sinotan developed KOL & KOC Campaigns for the Belvedere Museum and their NFT “Klimt The Kiss” and successfully promoted the NFT drop in Mainland China.

Sinotan develops and manages leading Chinese, Korean and Japanese localized digital accounts to build a community of Asian art enthusiasts and attract more tourists to museums.

Chinese people today have strong demand for culture, but we need effective supply, and China needs innovative cultural products.

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